Mega Mamma Challenge Wall of Champions
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What is the Mega Mamma Challenge?

One Burrito. One Hour. One Try.

  • $25 to participate. Charged in store at time of scheduled challenge.
  • Free water or soft drink.
  • You build a BYOB 5lb burrito containing one (1) starch, one (1) protein, and one (1) sauce.
  • You have one (1) hour to eat the burrito. This will be timed by an official Big Mamma‚Äôs Burritos Staff Member.
Mega Mamma Challenge Tee

All Mega Mamma Challenge Champions Receive

  • Original $25 refunded
  • Official Mega Mamma Challenge Champion T-Shirt
  • A place on our Wall of Champions

Rules and Guidelines

  • Challenge must be scheduled with at least 24 hours notice.
  • 12-5pm is the only window available for the challenge.
  • The burrito must have one (1) starch, one (1) protein, and one (1) sauce.
  • Burrito must be eaten in its entirety within 1 hour of challenge start time.

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Challenge Date
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I grant permission for Big Mamma's Burritos to use photos taken during my Mega Mamma Challenge including those which include my likeness for use in advertising and social media posts.* Please see "Media Consent" under Rules and Guidelines below.